What we do

New Zealanders for Health Research ensures issues most relevant to the sector are clearly conveyed as a priority agenda.

We encourage our member organisations, their employees, their individual members and other stakeholders to do the same.

Government engagement and policy development

New Zealanders for Health Research actively contributes to policy development across health, industry, science, education and finance. Our voice is an ongoing part of the health research conversation happening at government level. The diverse and influential New Zealanders for Health Research Board and senior management team maintains continuous dialogue with New Zealand politicians and officials. 
 We promote strong funding and policies that support the advancement of health research in New Zealand and support the government’s commitment to the Health Research Council through the refresh.

PR outreach

New Zealanders for Health Research builds a unified voice for research, by developing targeted messaging and other resources with our membership. We produce reports, position pieces and other publications to raise awareness about health research issues and promote the importance of investment in health research. We maintain an extensive mailing list, covering corporate senior management, consumer health organisations, universities and research institutes.
We keep our database informed on important issues and advocacy activates and showcase articles from our member base.

Upcoming Events

Philanthropic sector

Philanthropy is an important source of funding for health research. New Zealanders for Health Research maintains strong engagement with the philanthropic sector and provides a number of resources to individuals, researchers and philanthropic organisations to facilitate funding for health research.

Health industry

As part of our policy and advocacy, New Zealanders for Health Research works with our industry members to prioritise issues of direct relevance to industry, such as intellectual property laws that appropriately support and encourage investment in R&D; policies and programmes to capture the benefits of commercial innovation for New Zealand.

Public engagement

We gauge New Zealanders attitudes to health research through an annual public opinion poll. Our initial focus is to establish a baseline – to explore what value our community places on health research. This will provide a benchmark to be used by the health research sector and inform our engagement with government.

Member involvement

All members have the opportunity to be engaged in the work that we do and who we influence through involvement in working groups and other policy and advocacy initiatives.


New Zealanders for Health Research members are well connected through beneficial networking events. Our sister organisation Research Australia hosts at least two major events annually that attract key people from the health and medical research sector and are seen as strategic platforms for networking amongst industry peers.

International alliances

New Zealanders for Health Research has strong connections and ongoing collaboration with like-minded international alliances such as Research Australia, Research America, Research Canada and Research Sweden.


New Zealanders for Health Research works closely with local media to reach a broad audience with influential messages. New Zealanders for Health Research’s CEO and Chair will be part of the standard first point of contact by leading news agencies for comments when health research reaches headline news.