Is Government Failing the Team of 5 Million?

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This year New Zealand's health is more important than ever...

But are we getting a fair go from government when it comes to health research?


We asked Kantar, independent research specialists to find out.


out of the top 10 priorities for Kiwis were related to...


No. 1

Improving hospitals and the health care system

10th equal

More funding for health and medical research

10th equal

Increasing preventative healthcare funding and programmes

How much gets spent on research?

Just $140m. That's 0.76% healthcare costs and falling.

Wow, that's 0.04% of GDP. Did you know 57% of Kiwis think that $140m is not enough?

And 76% think it should go up, and now!

2.4% of Health Care costs has been estimated as the right amount to spend  on health research.



somewhat agreed or strongly agreed that the government should invest more funding in health research.



of New Zealanders are willing to put our bodies on the line and take part in clinical trials...

But government only spends a fraction of a percent on health research that will...


Save and improve New Zealanders' lives


Fund science jobs in New Zealand


Increase high-value scientific  and technical exports


New Zealanders are dying prematurely per year.

Do you think this is good enough?

The full report has more detail on year on year trends, spending over time, clinical trials, philanthropic and industry investment, breakdowns for Maori and Pacific Health Outcomes...