New Zealand Speaks!

The results of the New Zealanders for Health Research Opinion Polling 2017 have been released. Click here to read the full report

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Health Research Council funding trajectories

In our last newsletter we estimated, very conservatively, that government underinvestment in health research over the past ten years stands at almost $222m, and referred readers to a think piece here on NZHR’s website. The New Zealand government has recognised the fact of its underinvestment in both its 2015-2025 National Statement of Science Investment and…

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Lifting government investment in health research

NZHR’s December newsletter – Health Research Matters – which appears in the publications section of the website, states that NZHR’s most conservative estimate of government underinvestment in health research over the last decade stands at just under $222m. This figure is derived from an analysis of Treasury budget papers for the Ministries of Health and…

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